Department for Employment Skills Bootcamps Dynamic Purchasing System Launching on 21 November

The Department for Education (DfE) have finally announced that their long awaited Skills Bootcamps Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) will launch on 21 November. The DPS will run for up to 6 years with an indicative value of approximately £1.5bn.

Providers can find out more what’s involved in supplying Skills Bootcamps by attending the market engagement event/webinar on 14 November, however from information provided to date, initial DPS applications will be for providers who can deliver digital skills, with the first call-off competition taking place in January 2023, and delivery commencing in autumn 2023. DPS applications for other Skills Bootcamps categories will open from February 2023 onwards, with call-off competitions taking place in autumn/winter 2023.

The application process includes:

  1. Case Study, written by the provider
  2. Third party verifier signs the Case Study for the provider to submit
  3. Supplier Qualification questionnaire, including mandatory questions and financial assessment
  4. Verification Call with the third party verifier to confirm the information is correct

The first three stages will be submitted together via the DfE’s Jaggaer e-tendering portal. Verification calls will take place if providers pass Stages 1-3.

Ansible Education Consulting Ltd has a successful track record of supporting providers to apply to deliver DfE, Liverpool City Region and Greater London Authority Skills Bootcamps, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help with submitting an application to join the forthcoming DfE Skills Bootcamps DPS and with subsequent mini competitions when they launch.