Greater London Authority – European Social Fund 2019-2023 Round 2 Launching November 2019

The Greater London Authority (GLA) have now held two early engagement events for the three tenders which will comprise Round 2 of their European Social Fund 2019-2023 programme.

The first of the two events, held on 9 September covered projects supporting Ex-Offenders and Homelessness, whilst the second event held on 21 October covered the two Parental Employment specifications that were originally included in Round 1 which launched in December 2018 before being withdrawn.

Further details of the first of the engagement events can be found on the GLA website, and details of the second will be added in due course.

The GLA expects that Round 2 tenders will be launched in November 2019.

As always, don’t forget to get in touch as soon as possible if you need support with submitting a tender to deliver any of the Round 2 ESF projects.