Non-levied Apprenticeship Tender Success

Providers have finally been notified of the results of the ESFA non-levied apprenticeship procurement.

I am pleased to announced that the five tenders that I wrote were all successful, with tenders scoring up to 1,675 out of the total possible score of 1,700.

As a result two further education colleges have retained their ability to deliver to non-levied employers and three independent training providers have for the first time gained a contract for apprenticeships delivery. The five providers have won over £2m of contract value between them.

In addition to the tenders written by me, I reviewed tenders for a further five providers. Of these, whilst all passed the quality and compliance thresholds, one was not awarded a contract due to the application of the £200k minimum contract value threshold. Needless to say, they are appealing the result. The other four were all awarded contracts by the ESFA.

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